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'꼽히는 마디낫 주메이라' 리뷰

Smooth melody

작성일: 2017년 4월 6일

You can play along the coastline with Jumeira Beach, Sailing Hotel. It's worth visiting. If you live in a hotel in the old city, the traffic will be more convenient. Although the ancient city is built later, the scenic area has no tickets, it is very new. The interior is a shopping mall similar to the Great Bazaar, a small shop, a wide range of specialty goods, almost all along the river are restaurants. We have experienced the boat on the canal, 85 dirhams a person! The price is not low. It will be over after a lap, but the sea breeze on the boat is good. In some places, the boatman will offer to help take pictures. It's very enthusiastic! _________ Because the background is a landmark building: Sailing Hotel. All around are three hotels in the ancient city. They are beautiful and quiet.

꼽히는 마디낫 주메이라
꼽히는 마디낫 주메이라
꼽히는 마디낫 주메이라
꼽히는 마디낫 주메이라
꼽히는 마디낫 주메이라
꼽히는 마디낫 주메이라
꼽히는 마디낫 주메이라
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