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'라스베이거스 마담투소 박물관' 리뷰

Chanelle Hayes

작성일: 2015년 12월 17일

This interactive wax museum caters to children and adults. With multiple rooms and experiences, spend the day here checking out your favorite artists, actors and even superheroes! The music room features wax figures of Rihanna and Beyoncé among others. If you can’t seem to get enough of the movie The Hangover, there’s a whole exhibit dedicated to the film. Perhaps one of the most impressive things is the opportunity to get up-close and personal with Hulk, Spiderman and other Marvel superheroes. Experience all of this and more for under $30 per person.

트립닷컴(은 세계적인 온라인 여행사 트립닷컴 그룹( Group Ltd.,) 소속의 글로벌 브랜드입니다.
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