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작성일: 2019년 5월 2일

Beautiful bayside parkBrilliant afternoon with my son at the park. Played football on the large stretches of lawn, marveled at the large gum tree near the playground. must be hundreds of years old.Bought fish and chips at Bart''s fish and chips. excellent quality and tasty, but that''s for another review.Son played on the playground, consisting of swings, and a new-ish jungle gym which is quite large and has great slides. recommend keeping a close eye on smaller kids as it''s pretty high in some places. would not want them to fall off there.And the view. Stunning view of the bay from the edge of the park, especially at high tide, and lots of recently upgraded picnic spots (benches, tables with roofs).The only problem with the place is it gets pretty busy on weekends. but overall excellent.

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