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'용왕탕 벚꽃공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2014년 5월 20일

The first time I went to discover the kingdom, it was really beautiful and fantastic! Personally, I like flying dragons in the sky, similar to indoor roller coasters, less frightening than crazy cobras, more interesting in the dark, but it is also the longest time I queue, about more than an hour. It's better to go from Monday to Friday. There are too many people on Saturdays. Go straight to the two roller coasters after you get in. Don't miss the legendary castle too much. In the afternoon, when you are tired, you have time to watch. But some facilities may catch up with the overhaul. If you check in advance, don't go. Food is not particularly expensive. It's OK. But ice cream is still too expensive. Don't eat it at all. Personally, the most terrible thing is the space shuttle. Because of the extreme fright, I left my beloved red agate bracelet in the basket of my luggage. When I came back to find it, I lost it. I also reminded other people to take good care of my personal belongings. There are two water games, which are very interesting. It is suggested to buy raincoats outside, which are more expensive. Don't rush to throw one after playing. The overall feeling is still very good, very happy to play!


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