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'링아오 온천 국제 호텔' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 11월 8일

Metro Line 2 exit A, turn right for 50 meters. The lobby is on the left-hand side of the office building. It is very simple. The waiters dress casually and the service is general. This is probably the characteristic of Tianjin. The hotel is in a good location and has a good height. The bathtub faucet in the room is broken and the breakfast needs improvement. The rest is okay. A Dutner who commands a taxi dispatch at any railway station or checks tickets at the exit of the station will give you a lecture. This is Tianjin. Living in a large high-grade bed, a large area, with a Ma sauce table, the bed is somewhat hard. Breakfast is on the 36th floor with an elevator. You can go out of the lobby and turn left until you come to the intersection. There is a Carrefour supermarket with Aqua Chien Ramen and Yonghe King.

링아오 온천 국제 호텔
링아오 온천 국제 호텔
링아오 온천 국제 호텔
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