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'리후 공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 10월 12일

Lihu Park is on the edge of Lihu Lake, and there is Lihu Central Park nearby. Lihu Park is mainly along the lake trestle road. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lihu Lake near the Ferris wheel. The air here is very good, and you can see the broad lake with a clear mood.

리후 공원
리후 공원
리후 공원
리후 공원
리후 공원

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작성일: 2017년 9월 5일
This park is just beside Taihu Lake. At first glance, I thought it was Taihu Lake. I went to play before I knew it was Lihu Lake. Lihu Lake is also a branch of Taihu Lake, a very large lake. Look, there are not many people in this park sooner or later. Maybe because of the working day, there are very few people. I had heard that there would be a lot of people exercising in the park in the morning, Taijiquan and sword dancing, but I didn't see them when I went there early. Occasionally, I could see a few local people exercising, as well as playing old songs with a relaxing tone in the morning. Very quiet feeling. Lihu Lake is very big and there is a big circle outside the park. The lake is quiet and occasionally birds can be seen. There are several small islands in the middle of the lake. There are birds living on the island. It's very good of course. It is estimated that these islands are deliberately embellished as ecological balance and are cared for artificially, but they can better protect nature by not allowing tourists to go to the islands. See no boat landing on the island, the island birds fly freely, a very harmonious scene. There is a lakeside road around the lake. The platform is close to the lake and can almost go down to the lake. However, there is a lot of moss on the platform, which is easy to slip and dangerous. Beside the platform, there is a Gallery Pavilion built by rattan trees. The long corridor can not be seen at the end. The rattan trees are very cool and suitable for hot weather to visit the lake. Look, the park is still quiet in the morning. There are hardly any tourists. The park is open, can play all night, do not accept tickets, facilities are quite complete, or good. The advertisement of this park is very big. You can see it on the way to Taihu Lake. Look at the calm lake surface, it connects to the lake water in the park. However, the lake water is not clean, it can only reflect a vague reflection, and can not be clearly seen. But the lake is cool and comfortable!
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