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'릴 세나도 빌딩' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 10월 27일

The Civil Affairs Department Building, also known as the James Museum, was built in 1784. In addition, behind the building there is a Portuguese garden, a flower garden in the shape of a celestial body, and a bust of the Portuguese poet James. The original Macau emblem, the Portuguese Leal Senado and the Chinese words "City Hall" were decorated by the Macau government in 1904 (30 years of Qing Guangxu). All the layout of the building was in accordance with the pattern of King Joao V of Portugal. There were many people during the day, so we visited the house in the evening. There were blue and white porcelain murals and European staircases. The garden is exquisite. It's a place I like very much. There are few people in the evening. It's worth savoring carefully.

릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩

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