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'릴 세나도 빌딩' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 7월 5일

Last year, when I came to Macau, I didn't have enough time to enjoy the building of the Civil Affairs Department. I thought about it for a year. Finally, I can have a good visit to the building today. The General Administration of Civil Affairs building adopts the Baroque style, and the white two-storey building has obvious architectural art characteristics of southern Europe. On the right side of the first floor of the building is the exhibition hall, in which several rooms are art exhibitions. The quiet passageway, blue and white patterns on both sides, as if they had traveled through Portugal in the last century, is very beautiful! ___________ There is an ancient library on the second floor, which is very beautiful. It is forbidden to take pictures or answer telephone calls. After entering, a foreign security guard will accompany the visitors. A large crystal lamp hangs over the library, and ancient books surround it. All the furnishings here are full of a sense of history. The back garden is quiet and full of Portuguese style.

릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩
릴 세나도 빌딩

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