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'라우터브루넨' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 6월 2일

He this lies to the west of the jungfrau region, is the smoke, Bern, Switzerland states root zone in a small town, because there from the cliff and down as many as more than 70 waterfalls and river, so it is also the origin of the name of the waterfall, Lauterbrunnen pointed to "a lot of spring" in German, so the town is a veritable waterfall town. Poet of Goethe and wood. Wo shi wrote poem has more reviews river falls, in addition, about 3 km from this, he''s Lv Moer river waterfall formed by the melting of snow on the Alps, head for ten stories high, very spectacular, there are multiple local grand century waterfall, is well worth a look. The town is an isolated, quiet simple, not too much artificial pollution and commercial buildings, quiet here to admire the beauty of the landscape, it is one of the joys of life. In addition, along the nearby railway traveling more can quickly reach the rest more attractions, visitors can enjoy the highland scenery here.

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