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'라스베이거스 컨벤션센터' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 2월 16일

Yes, it is gigantic, some would say too big, but where else are you going to find enough convention space for the much larger shows like CES? Nowhere, that’s where. So top marks for that. Now heres the bad: Parking, it is shameful. The shuttle lines and traffic surrounding the convention center can best be described as a cluster you know what. The lines for food are insane. Certainly they can come up with a better route for the people hauling the garbage out than across the convention room floor with all the people who have paid a great deal of money attend, it disgusting. The good news is theses are all fixable problems, if they care to. Live it up you are in Las Vegas for cryin’ out loud!

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