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'라오톄산 온천' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 4일



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작성일: 2014년 4월 11일
To this hot spring, let me say objectively, although there are many personal emotions! On my birthday on the 31st, I invited a group of friends to soak in hot springs. I also booked a room myself. This hot spring is really not dripping, and the water is not hot. The key is that there is 84 odors in the pool and no drinking water on the bank! The open-air bathing pool is just one, basically two or three pools in the picture. By the way, we don't provide bath towels yet. Give a towel of poor quality. The light in the bathroom bathroom is still dim. There is no water in the bathroom. Ah... And the buffet in the hot spring ticket, my partner said it was worse than the school canteen, and I also ate the wire to brush pot balls in porridge!! In addition to your bath, you really have to pay for everything, pinch your feet and knock on your back. That's a big aunt and uncle. It's really horrible. There is no spa without fish therapy. Then back to the tatatami room, the TV is the oldest can not open, the air-conditioning shell is yellow, hit 31 degrees or cold air, and noise... The light in the room is dark and dead, so I won't say quilt!! Nima, I'm afraid of little black bugs!! Is it white??? The key point is coming. We eat cake in the guest room at night. The landlady says that people who can't stay in the guest room will pay 100 yuan an hour. Accommodation is 230!!! For this funny behavior, I will ha ha ha! Let's comprehend it by ourselves. Finally, it's customer service. Everyone has the same expression as you owe her. It's not good to look at it. The landlady just pays for it if she keeps her mouth shut. The next day when we checked out, we also said that our room money at 460 last night had not been brushed and repainted!!!! If you think about it, you'll be upset. Finally, let me feel a little more comfortable is the canteen smiling brother, has been laughing, followed by the floor is no dust, quiet............................................ All right, no more!! The next day when we left was New Year's Day, many grandparents came early in the morning, and then a large number of middle-aged uncles and aunts came. We were surprised that there were only a few ponds. This was the rhythm of dumpling. Fortunately, we were soaking in the evening, and nobody was there. I didn't take pictures, took pictures and blogged with no face. We had nine people, two lodgings and spent 1400 hours. Anyway, I don't think it's worth it. You guys don't want to do it by yourselves anymore. I'm not going anyway.
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