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작성일: 2016년 7월 8일

Ryusen is a famous tourist city in Switzerland, with a large number of foreign tourists. Lyusen Lake is located in the center of the city, also known as the Four Forest State Lake. The water flows into the Royce River, dividing the city into two parts: the new city and the old city. Wihelm Tell, a national hero in Swiss history, was born on the beautiful banks of Lake Ryukyu. There are famous Capelwood Bridge and Octagonal Tower on the reach of the Lois River. There are several famous cruise boat sightseeing paths on the lake. Sitting on a cruise ship, you can enjoy traditional Swiss cuisine and overlook the snowy Tilles Mountain, the highest peak in central Switzerland. By the lake, there is a lion monument carved on natural rocks. The lion, 10 meters long and 3 meters tall, falls to the ground in pain. The broken spear is stuck in his shoulder. Next to it is a shield with the Swiss national emblem. It tells the history of Switzerland and is a symbol of the loyalty and perseverance of the Swiss people. There is also the Mussenger Wall, known as the Great Wall of Switzerland. There are nine towers on the wall. Three towers are open to the public. From this, people can climb the wall and overlook the whole old city. Ryusen's most famous tourist product is Swiss watches. Almost all Swiss watches are sold here. The city is small, suitable for leisure walking.


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