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'킹스 공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 6월 28일

King Perth Park is on a hillside beside the city. It's a wonderful place to overlook the whole Perth landscape. In King's Park, you can see not only the winding Swan River and skyscrapers gathering in the streets, but also South Perth. The scenery is very beautiful. In addition to overlooking the beautiful scenery, the various plants in King's Park are also very attractive. In this park, according to the geographical location, they are planted with the unique plants of different regions, which makes people seem to have walked into the botanical gardens of different regions in Australia. Visitors can see the exotic flowers and trees of Australia. Many plants and flowers that are not named as the first time they are very beautiful, and they are really worth visiting. King Park has a direct bus, tickets are not expensive and there are many flights. If there is a free parking lot in the park, you must go to King Park to Perth.

킹스 공원
킹스 공원
킹스 공원
킹스 공원
킹스 공원
킹스 공원

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