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'기자의 대피라미드' 리뷰


작성일: 2014년 8월 25일

The first stop is the pyramid in Giza, Cairo. The tour guide said that the pyramids were the tombs built by the ancient Egyptian king for himself. There were 96 pyramids found in Egypt, and the largest were three pyramids in Giza, a suburb of Cairo. The Great Pyramid is the tomb of the second King of the Fourth Dynasty, Hufu. It was built in 2690 B.C. at a height of 146.5 meters. It is 136.5 meters tall because of its weathering. Its base is 230 meters long, its triangular slope is 51 degrees, and its floor area is 529,000 square meters. Its body is made of 2.3 million stones, and the average weight of each stone is 2.5 tons. Legend has it that it took 100,000 people 20 years to build it. The second pyramid is the tomb of King Harvard, the son of Hufu. It was built in 2650 B.C., 3 meters lower than the former, but its architectural form is more perfect and spectacular. In front of the pyramid, there are temples and other ancillary buildings and the famous Sphinx figure. The third pyramid belongs to King Menkaura, Hufu's grandson. It was built around 2600 BC. Because it was during the decline of the Fourth Dynasty, the pyramid buildings began to decline, so the height of the Menkaura pyramid suddenly dropped to 66 meters, the internal structure was chaotic. On the way, tour guides also told us a lot about the mysteries of the Houf Pyramid: how do these boulders from Aswan in the South transport? How did they rise to such heights? Without any glue, how did the stones close together? How did the huge base get horizontal? At the same time, he gave some mysterious data about the Hoover Pyramid: 1.1 billion times the height of the Pyramid is exactly equal to the distance between the Earth and the sun; 2.2 times the height of the Pyramid by 2 times the base area is exactly equal to the circumference (3.14159); 3. The meridian line across the pyramid divides the earth's land and ocean equally; 4. The center of gravity of the pyramid is the center of gravity of the continents. Of course, the tour guide also mentioned that some people thought the pyramid was a masterpiece of aliens, but he told us absolutely that it was impossible. At this moment, a sense of national pride arises spontaneously. In this way, with wonder and longing, we embarked on the sacred journey of the Egyptian pyramid experience. After security checks, we enter the scenic spot. The tour guide guides us to the high places to enjoy the panoramic view of the pyramid. In the sunshine, against the buildings of the distant city of Cairo, on the sandy land, three huge pyramids stand tall in the history of more than 4600 years. We can't help but be shocked by the magnificent scenery in front of us, one of the ten wonders of the world. Everyone took pictures from different perspectives, and tourists from all over the world continuously expressed their admiration of different sentiments. The tour guide then led us to the second largest pyramid and the mausoleum of King Harvard at zero distance. Absolutely a small number of mainland Chinese tourists have bravely climbed the steps of the pyramid to take pictures with ancient buildings. Local children lead camels to invite tourists to take pictures while many children are selling souvenirs. These scenic spots seem to be very similar to foreign tourists in third world countries.

기자의 대피라미드
기자의 대피라미드
기자의 대피라미드
기자의 대피라미드

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