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'케마 사쿠라노미야 공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 4월 16일

It took more than an hour to get to the JR Osaka Tianmanqiao Station by train from Otsujin, a suburb of Kyoto, and 15 minutes to follow the navigation to the Dianchuan River. Suddenly, the number of cherry blossoms in front of me was increasing, so I couldn't help but scream across the bridge. Overhead a large area of white flowers dyed well Yoshino cherry blossoms have blossomed, as if a layer of white ceiling was added to both sides of Dianchuan, perhaps only the dense cherry blossoms will not cause me dense phobia. Under the cherry tree, the local people lay mats, eat gossip, the little couple whispered, and the mother came out with the baby to enjoy the sun and flowers, which was very warm. In fact, the cherry blossom season to Osaka, go out can basically enjoy cherry blossoms, but so dense a large area, must recommend Maoma Sakura Palace Park, anyway, no tickets, to Osaka City Park before crossing the other side of the shopping is too convenient.

케마 사쿠라노미야 공원
케마 사쿠라노미야 공원
케마 사쿠라노미야 공원
케마 사쿠라노미야 공원
케마 사쿠라노미야 공원
케마 사쿠라노미야 공원
케마 사쿠라노미야 공원
케마 사쿠라노미야 공원
케마 사쿠라노미야 공원

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