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'칸불라 국가삼림공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 9월 20일

The scenery is beautiful and worth visiting. It's nearly 2 hours'drive from downtown Xining. Buy a good ticket and don't enter the gate. First, take a bus to the place where you go by boat. Take a yacht for about 15 minutes. Look at the reservoir. Then do a car tour of the scenic spot. There were about three stops along the road. The drivers set time for taking pictures and so on. The time was very short, 10-15 minutes. Only the last stop lasted 30 minutes. The rest of the time was on the bus. About 4 hours, the whole journey is very tense, feeling that the scenic area has not been planned, the time for independent play is too short. Not many tourists, no tour group, need to bring their own lunch, buy Jewelry places can bargain.

칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원
칸불라 국가삼림공원

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