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'박산개원용동' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 5일



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작성일: 2018년 4월 29일
I think it's still good. The first one is that there are free guides in every important cave, the second one is that the battery car leading to the top of the hill is free, and the third one is that the incense in the temple at the cave entrance is provided free of charge. Specifically, let's talk about the strategy of traveling. 7053 small train gets off at Yuanqian Railway Station (it's better to take a bus outside the station, the fare is less than 10 yuan) or Zhangdian Bus Terminal takes K1 terminal, which is Kaiyuan Karst Cave (the bus stop is too close, the condition of the bus is poor, or maybe the one I did is not good). Private cars can go to the foot of the scenic area, besides Karst Cave, there are drift and ropeway. And children's paradise, drifting is 501, ropeway is 30, children's paradise tickets are more appropriate (70 can play eight projects). Down from the top of the hill, it's good to go through a waterfall. Then there are some big fish in the playground, which the children like very much. There is also a suspension bridge under the playground, which is cool (free) with fountains on both sides. There are many hammocks in the scenic area for visitors to use (free). Generally speaking, the vegetation in the scenic area is good, especially in the downward section from the top of the mountain, the combination of trees and water is good and cool. In the end, I would like to remind you that it is best to add clothes to the cave. The air is very humid. Compared with the caves in Zibo, I think Kaiyuan cave is the best one.
작성일: 2014년 5월 10일
Bingxue Nanbo Mountain 2012-3-19 20:57 Reading (13) 2012 is destined to be an unusual year, season does not seem to play as usual. Rain in the south is particularly increasing, and the blooming plum blossoms are also late, making the last trip to Suzhou somewhat regrettable. And Shandong seems to have more cold days this year. It seems to be warming up. By 4 o'clock in the morning, it started "Fanba". In the outdoor waiting for the bus, we feel the deepest is the cold, you remember last week Laiwu small Three Gorges wind, biting cold ah. Fortunately, everyone is more punctual, the car smoothly arrived. Most of the people on this line of Nanbo Mountain are going for the first time. They have no idea of the scenery there and do not know what it is like. Because we don't know how many roads we have gone out, it will be 9 o'clock when we reach the mountain. The sky began to float small snowflakes, small and fine salt particles almost. Nearly 80 people are not a small team. Everyone is walking slowly. It was not long before I started to rise, and the distance slowly opened. A little ice hanging can be seen on the road. With the increase of height, more and more ice hanging and fog began to appear. But there are still many deciduous leaves and yellow leaves on the trees on the hill, and I told the people next to me that this is not spring, it is clearly autumn scenery. Walking ahead, I suddenly looked up and saw a beautiful mountain in front of me. Its top was lush green, its beams were covered with snow, and its bottom was red and yellow leaves. I hastened to use the platform to ask if the mountain was climbed by the rain. Waiting for the rain to say that this is Pine Cliff. Immediately I got excited and shouted at the stage - "Come up quickly, the scenery here is so beautiful. People next to and behind the sound also made a variety of voices, but it can be heard that everyone is very excited. Because it's worth enduring the cold in the morning, but seeing the beautiful scenery. We shouted, jumped, sang, and were thrilled by the scenery that was not easy to get. Therefore, the mood is beautiful because of the scenery, and the scenery is particularly beautiful because of the mood.
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