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'지밍다오(계명도)' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 4일



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작성일: 2018년 6월 9일
1. If you don't go, just look at the comments, then you will never feel yourself in the situation. Children under 2.2 years old can use the waiststool best, our car is OK... 3. The people in the village are very hospitable. In fact, if there are many people who go to the farmhouse, they will voluntarily tell themselves that they are too busy to come. Suggest relatives who are in a hurry to eat. They can ask if there is any ready-made food or go to the farmhouse to make an appointment for a meal first. They can eat directly when they come back from the tour. 4. A week's visit to the island takes about 2 hours (with children), so they can arrange a meal in advance. It's better. 5. There is a schedule in the middle of the boat, so we can arrange the time to take pictures in advance. I am afraid the time will change, so I will not upload it. 6. The captain is very kind. After stopping the boat, he fishes for sea urchins, crabs, starfish and gives them to his children (I just saw a crab, starfish). This understands the reason why the wharf does not allow fishing. Can you bear fishing for a crab and a sea urchin? In a snicker, you can only go back to Hong Kong for three of us. The boat with a possible meal point of 12:30 is a chartered boat. Ah, although it only took one morning, but I think it's worth it. Everyone's mentality is different and the results are different. I hope you have a good mood to come here. The above are purely personal feelings. PS: We went to room 5, where Kimi lived. There are potatoes and chicken nuggets ready-made. Steamed bread is made by the owner himself. It's delicious.
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