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'강남 제일의 가문' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 3월 25일

In a lane, the exterior looks a bit dilapidated, but still more powerful, the gate into a lotus pond, the flowers are bright, there are a few cypress pools, most of them have died, but occasionally a few branches and leaves, it is said that there are nine such ancient trees, supporting the trunk of the post has been wrapped in the tree, the tree has more than 600 years, the bag of the post has more than 200 years. One is mainly to publicize loyalty, filial piety, righteousness and honesty. There are some exhibition areas in it, but they are still under maintenance. So the contents we can see are not too much. It is also interesting to beat drums and bells. On the contrary, the free area opposite is very distinctive, with an old bicycle hanging on the wall of an alley entrance, decorated with flowers and plants, named "Daddy's bicycle", which is creative.

강남 제일의 가문
강남 제일의 가문
강남 제일의 가문
강남 제일의 가문
강남 제일의 가문

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