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'러일감옥 옛터 박물관' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 10월 19일

The solemn and heavy atmosphere can be felt as soon as we get to the door. The museum is divided into the old site and the new part. The old site consists of cells, dark cells, interrogation rooms, torture rooms, factories, medical rooms, hanging grounds and other areas. It is shocking to see the small dark cells for the first time. A person walking in the aisle feels gloomy and terrible. There are many detailed explanations on the walls to commemorate the brave revolutionary pioneers who passed away. There is a two-storey hanging ground in the Northeast corner. The house is small and dark. Every day, people are sentenced to death here. It is very cruel to strangle them alive. War is much heavier than what we read and see.

러일감옥 옛터 박물관
러일감옥 옛터 박물관
러일감옥 옛터 박물관
러일감옥 옛터 박물관
러일감옥 옛터 박물관
러일감옥 옛터 박물관

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