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'후시 온천' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 2월 21일

Jiangsu Ben ski resort is not many, small scale, a slope, this is the third to play, compared with poor service attitude, personnel are not professional, to a ticket for ten minutes, rented shoes and clothes are wet, a pile of dry hard is not given, bad attitude, coaches have been following after the entrance, do not ask the coach not go.... It's impossible to hire one. Everywhere else is 200 or less than three or four people. Here, according to the head count, 901 and 4 people have hired a coach 360. The coach's attitude is good and the main points can be explained clearly. When returning clothes and shoes, because the stored value card was given to the coach according to the requirements, the process was not clear, thought that their staff would deal with it, and the result was that the woman who rented clothes shouted and screamed, tearing her heart and lungs.... Don't go for a second time, and don't recommend others.

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