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'후룬베이얼 대초원' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 3일



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작성일: 2017년 6월 27일
A wild goose let many people know the Hulunbeir prairie, Hulunbeir vast territory, rich resources, to be developed in the original ecological grassland air negative oxygen content is very high, here is relatively not very prosperous is a clean, everything just started and thriving beautiful border town. The best two ways to visit here are self-driving or chartered driving. Self-driving is suitable for friends who are skilled in driving and know basic automotive repair. Some minor conditions along the way can be solved by themselves. Chartered ~Lazy Travel ~Suitable ~Don't want to be too tired, feel relaxed and self-driving, and control everything freely, save heart and effort. The above two ways of Hulunbuir grassland swimming ~no time tension, while walking and playing, at any time stop to take pictures, the beauty of the grassland in the road, blue sky floating white clouds, as if a stretch of hand can grasp, once the grassland was in my dream, the top of the head is floating clouds, the vast grassland can not be seen at a glance, driving in the green silk carpet grass. You don't know that the beauty of heaven is already like a fairyland, where herds of cattle and sheep can be seen everywhere, drinking mountain springs and streams, eating the abundant grass given by God, and finally you know why the beef and mutton of Hulunbuir is so delicious! The primitive forest of Great Hinggan Mountains contains abundant resources, delicious wild fruits, mountain treasures and all the magic drugs. It's better to come to Hulunbuir Grassland and really experience a pure journey with a love of life and beautiful eyes.
작성일: 2018년 5월 24일
Below is the beautiful figure I left for Hulun Buir! (1) Mid-July to mid-August is the hottest time of the year, so when you come to Hulunbuir, just bring your most beautiful and beautiful summer clothes, ladies can wear colorful long skirts (preferably monochrome, red, white, blue, best). Ultraviolet radiation is stronger at this time. Ladies recommend wearing beautiful sun caps, as well as suneyes. The eye, which can shade the sun, is very beautiful when taking photos, and can also be used as props, killing two birds with one stone. (2) July-August is the rainy season in Hulun Buir. It is suggested that we take an umbrella with us, which is both sunshade and rain-proof. The rain in Hulun Buir will not keep falling, but just walk, so the little companions who are going to travel need not worry about rain delaying their journey. (3) In this season, many families take the elderly and the whole family of children out to travel, so it is suggested that the journey should not be too long, you can stop and go to play, there are too many beautiful scenery on the road, and you will regret missing it. So don't waste all your time on the bus. And if you spend too much time on the bus, the old people may get sick because of their weak constitution. It is suggested that you take the medicine for carsickness. (4) Many people are very excited to see such a beautiful grassland for the first time. Many people will roll on the grassland and pose for photographs. Remember that the grassland is a paradise for cattle, horses and sheep, so it is possible to roll carelessly on the mines pulled out by cattle and sheep. There is also a kind of small insect called grass creeper on the grassland, which is called tick, and it is a very dangerous little. Biology, so try not to put clothes on the grass, sitting on the grass after getting up must be clear with your hands. (5) This season is very hot. The water of the Erguna River is very clear. Small fish can be seen in the water in the shallow area. A fishing tool should be prepared, and sandals should be prepared to step on the water so that fishing and playing in the water will not hurt feet. (6) Whether you are a photographer or a photographer, it's better to have a few more batteries, at least two, because there are too many pictures to take. One batteries in such a long day must not be enough, from sunrise in the morning to sunset in the evening (sunrise at 4.30 am to sunset at 9 am). Ordinary people can also use mobile phones to shoot large films, because there are too many beautiful scenery, too beautiful, the viewfinder circle out of the beautiful scenery, the mobile phone screen can be taken out to do screen saver! (7) The rest are essentials, all kinds of essential medicines, mobile phone charging treasure, self-timer stick, anti-mosquito liquid in fact need not be prepared, because there will not be as many mosquitoes as you imagine, the most important thing is to prepare a beautiful mood, a beautiful mood, coupled with beautiful scenery, I believe it must be an unforgettable journey.
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