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'화베이 제1표국' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 4일



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작성일: 2018년 10월 14일
The Museum of the First Bodyguard Bureau of North China in Pingyao City is the first museum in China to display the culture of the Bodyguard Bureau. Compared with the famous Museum of the Bodyguard Bureau of China on the bustling South Street, it has fewer people, more content and better experience. The courtyard retains the classic layout of the dart Bureau in the past. The three-way courtyard - "the front courtyard is the business area outside, the middle courtyard office area, and the backyard living area. It is worth mentioning that, like the ticket number, the underground of the bodyguard bureau is also a treasury. It is said that the ground is as big as the underground, and the entrance of the Treasury is in the front yard. It is said that the most dangerous place is also the safest. Since it's a museum, it's also essential for the overall exhibition of the dart Bureau industry. The Museum of the First Bodyguard Bureau of North China uses exhibition boards and material materials to introduce all aspects of the Bodyguard Bureau industry, such as its origin, jargon, principles of walking and staying, ways of drawing, and even recipes of bodyguards. The reason why the TV drama darter shouted "Hewu" when he walked away from the dart is also introduced here. For example, Wang Zhengqing, founder of Tongxing Gongbodyguard Bureau, once taught Emperor Daoguang to practise martial arts. The route of Shanxi Bodyguard Bureau reflects the trade route of Shanxi businessmen. There is also Wang Zhengqing's bedroom in the backyard, which shows that martial arts practitioners are capable and self-disciplined. The deepest courtyard in the courtyard is where the darts practise martial arts. They can spend money shooting arrows to play. It is suggested to pay 20 yuan for a tour guide to take the explanation. The tour guide of this scenic spot is very conscientious and will take it to every corner. Tickets for scenic spots are included in the 130 yuan pass for Pingyao Ancient City.
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