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'홀리데이 해변' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 9월 13일

The four words "Holiday Beach" have too many beautiful memories in my mind. I remember when I first came to Hainan 10 years ago to start a business, I took my wife with me the most beautiful place she could go, top grade, no money, and have a good time. That is "Holiday Beach" in Haikou City, which is my wife is only 21 years old, my wife is only 17 years old, we have been a waiter, and worked in the service industry. Management, also set up small stalls, remember Haikou's earliest liberation West and Pearl Square night market vendors have me inside, at that time once earned money to take his wife to eat a good meal, what I call good is a bottle of beer, barbecue price set at less than 15 yuan, that is, I feel happy and satisfied, to Sunday or home to a friend or family or something. The only places I could take were "Holiday Beach" and "Wan Green Garden" Looking back on the past "Holiday Beach" really left a lot of memories for me. Before the Holiday Beach arrived at the International Tourism Island, there was a pool in the hot spring. I did not know it was the first time I went to the hot spring. I rushed in and jumped into it in the red sun. As a result, the hot one I called miserable. My brother made the same mistake as I did when he first came to play, and he went to the sun to peel off layer by layer at night. He used to go dozens of times a year, but now he has a heavy workload. He can only visit a friend or something in a year. Now he has not gone. If he has friends to go to barbecue together and have fun, he doesn't know if he still has friends. There are K songs. We used to have K songs on a stage in the evening. The barbecue garden also has the dam K song.

홀리데이 해변
홀리데이 해변
홀리데이 해변
홀리데이 해변
홀리데이 해변
홀리데이 해변
홀리데이 해변
홀리데이 해변
홀리데이 해변
홀리데이 해변

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