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작성일: 2015년 9월 29일

It has been several years since I went to the Oriental Culture Park. This scenic spot is a little far from Hangzhou City. It is not very convenient to drive by myself. But now there is Metro Line 1 which can reach the terminal Xianghu Station. It saves time to take a taxi in the past. When the subway comes down, you can play Xianghu first and then go to the Oriental Culture Park. Oriental Cultural Park is actually a man-made landscape, which in the last century there were many man-made landscapes in China. There is a big "mountain" in the center of the scenic spot. There will be regular performances here. When the Fanyue is around and the Buddha's trumpet is sounded, only the immortal mist and numerous fountains erupt in the pool. The whole Guanyin Mountain becomes confusing and beautiful. At this time, a white and shining statue of Guanyin rose slowly from the top of Yunwu Mountain. She stepped on the auspicious clouds and slowly turned around wrapped in fairy fog. A little dew was sprinkled from the bottle in her hand and drifted to all living beings who closed their hands and offered sacrifices to Buddhas on the square. Tourists are busy picking up this "manna" in the hope that good luck will come to them.


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작성일: 2017년 12월 26일
The Oriental Cultural Park, located on the edge of Xianghu Lake in Hangzhou, boasts many honors, such as "China's Best Holiday Resort" "AAAA Class Tourist Scenic Spot", "China's Top Ten Top Theme Park", "World Religion Academic Research Base", "China Buddhist Culture Exhibition Center" and "China's Oriental Cultural Park". The park is laid out in the Eight Diagrams of Zhouyi, with the same structure of Confucia On both sides of the gate of Hangzhou Oriental Cultural Park are sculptures of "Shouxing" and "Fuxing" unique to Chinese folk. The statue of "Hehe Erxian" is 9.3 meters high. It collects the load and holds the box in the cold mountain. It implies harmony and cooperation. It embodies the profound artistic conception of Chinese tradition "Hehe Culture". Guanyin Xiansheng landscape is composed of "Guanyin Sacred Statue", "Guanyin Mountain Group Sculptures", "Fanle Fountain" three parts. The circular "Fanle Fountain" is the bottom building with a diameter of 33 meters; the "Guanyin Mountain Group Sculptures" is built in the pond, 18 meters high; 18 Buddhist statues are distributed in Guanyin Mountain; up to 6 meters, the milky-white Guanyin Sacred Statue is the top building, usually hidden in the belly of the mountain body. Yang Qi Chan Temple in Yangqi Chan Temple was the maiden residence of Empress Yang in the Southern Song Dynasty, and Zhao of Ningzong Zong in the later Song Dynasty expanded the plaque of "Chongfu Temple" in the second year of Jiading (1209 A.D.) to the top of Chongfu Hou House, which fulfilled the long-cherished wish of Yangjiashe House to be a temple; it was renamed "Yangqi Temple" in the Ming Dynasty. This ancient temple in the Song Dynasty was renamed Chongfu Temple, Qiwang Temple, Jiwang Temple and Qiwang Temple, one of the Chinese Zen "Five Sects and Seven Schools" because the temple belonged to the 13th generation of Linji Sect. Oriental Culture Park runs through the 2728m long corridor of painted culture and art, which is the unique ancient architectural art in China. The Wanfo Golden Pagoda is built in the style of Thai palace. The whole pagoda is dedicated to 9,999 Golden Buddha statues both inside and outside, together with the shape of the building itself, which is exactly a Buddha statue. The underground palace is 19 meters deep, 11 meters inside and 17 meters outside. All visitors entering the underground palace need to wear plastic shoes. The corridor walls leading to the underground palace are engraved with Buddhist scriptures and Buddhist reliefs on the top. Turning to the underground palace, he was immediately shocked by the magnificent scenery inside. In the middle of the underground palace, the 6-meter-high Bodhisattva Pagoda is carved out of camphorwood, and 21 golden statues of the Tibetan King are worshipped in three layers. In the middle of the palace, a 2-ton Burmese white jade carved Bodhisattva statue is worshipped, which forms a wonder of the "Tower in the Middle of the Pagoda". There are 24 Buddhist shrines on the upper and lower floors of the underground palace, which enshrine many national first-class Buddhist relics, including two statues of pure gold Buddha and the Sariko of Master Haideng. There are 35 auspicious bells on both sides of the climbing trail from Yangqi Temple to Sanjiang Pagoda. While walking, 35 auspicious bells are struck three times to gather 105 times, and finally three times to Yangqi Bell Tower to strike "Jiangnan Bell King" in order to eliminate all kinds of troubles. Sanjiang Pagoda has 8 corners and 9 floors, and is 60 meters high. It belongs to the style of Song Dynasty. The ninth floor of the pagoda is a glazed scenic spot "Huazang World". You can see the beautiful scenery of the three rivers of Qiantang River, Fuchun River and Puyang River when you climb the pagoda. Now 12.8 tons of "Jiangnan Zhongwang" is located in Yangqi Bell Tower, which covers an area of 30 square meters. Its top is quadrangular eaves and 16 columns are erected in the pavilion.
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