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'구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관' 리뷰


작성일: 2019년 1월 26일

The World Celebrity Hall is divided into four exhibition halls. The first exhibition hall mainly exhibits singers and movie stars (Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Teresa Teng, etc.); the second exhibition hall mainly exhibits sports, literature, art, economy and local famous human beings (Jordan, Liu Xiang) and so on; the third exhibition hall displays all political figures, mainly including one to four generations since the founding of New China. The fourth exhibition hall is Zheng Chenggong's recovery of the Taiwan History Pavilion (A Gong and A Po) and the Puppet Show Hall. You can not only feel the elegance of celebrities at home and abroad, understand Zheng Chenggong's history of recovering Taiwan, but also enjoy puppet puppet puppet puppet show with southern Fujian characteristics.

구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관
구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관
구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관
구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관
구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관
구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관
구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관

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