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'구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 2월 18일

The quality is very good, consistent with the seller's description, very satisfied, really like, completely beyond expectations, delivery speed is very fast, packaging is very careful, rigorous, logistics company service attitude is very good, transportation speed is very fast, very satisfied with a shopping. Good quality, I hope more friends trust. The shopkeeper's attitude is very good, I will patronize again. Can you be cheaper? I bring friends to your house to buy. Sorry for the late evaluation, very good shop, things like very much. Buy this is a gift, she likes the seller's intimacy makes me feel very warm. Very enthusiastic seller, next time I hope to have another chance to cooperate next time. I wish you a prosperous business and very good quality. It's beyond my expectation that packing is very careful and thank you very much. Wishing you a prosperous business

구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관
구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관
구랑위 유명인 밀랍 박물관

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