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'칭칭초원' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 4일



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작성일: 2017년 9월 5일
We arrived at Nantou passenger terminal of Taichung Gancheng Station (near Taichung Railway Station, about 10 minutes'walk) and took the 8:20 train to Qingjie Farm. If you go to Qingjie Farm, you need to get the number plate at the service desk first. Taichung - Puli, you can brush your truck ticket at a discount; but Puli - Qingjie Farm, you can not brush your card, because we learned the lessons of the previous day, so we directly bought the package ticket of Puli - Qingjie Farm (400 NT$/1 person): package ticket: 1, Puli - Qingjie Farm round trip ticket; 2, Qingqinggrassland Park ticket; 3, National Hotel - Qingqingjie grassland one-way ticket; 4. One-way ticket for Qingjing High-altitude Scenic Walk. 】 The 10:40 bus arrives at the Qingjie Farm Service Center. With the package ticket, we first enter the Qingjie High-altitude Scenic Walk. Along the way, we enjoy the distant scenery and walk 1.8 kilometers to the south entrance of Qingqinggrassland. We enter the park with the package ticket (with a seal on the back of our hand, we can enter the park indefinitely). In fact, Qingqing Grassland is a large pastoral area, where sheep are grazing everywhere. It is very large and looks like a Dutch or Scottish pastoral area. In the Qingqing grassland, although it is summer or noon, but as long as the wind blows, it will make people feel very cool, its wind is cold silk, probably because of the high mountains. We returned by Nantou passenger train at 14:40 and arrived at Taichung Railway Station at 17:05.
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