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'금용 수상 인형극 극장' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 7월 19일

The so-called "Beishenglong, Nanjinlong" refers to Vietnam's two most famous water puppet theatre troupes. Although water puppet show originated in North Vietnam, it should be authentic in Hanoi, but I think, from the perspective of our tourists, we should not see its subtle differences. Water puppet show, as the quintessence of Vietnam, is just like puppet show's status in Myanmar. I also saw Mandalay puppet show, which is characterized by exquisite puppet, meticulous expression and action, better than details, but too much dialogue in the plot, which is difficult for foreign tourists to understand; water puppet show, the production and manipulation of puppet is relatively simple, but the plot is clear, most reflect traditional rural life, easy to understand, and puppet action exaggerated, often aroused. Water fragments, both sides of the play and singing to set off the atmosphere is just right, better than the lively.

금용 수상 인형극 극장
금용 수상 인형극 극장
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