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작성일: 2018년 9월 6일

It's very worthwhile to stay in a hotel. There is a special cabin at the wharf for check-in procedures. It provides Chinese service. The 10-minute yacht arrives at Gaya Island Resort. After getting off the yacht, a special person guides it to the lobby and offers ice-lime drinks and cold towels to relieve the heat. The next step is to introduce some of the hotel's activities. Every day's activities are different. There are fees and free, you can book in advance! After the introduction, two staff members will guide them to the room, introducing the equipment and precautions in the room one by one. The private beach of Yabi Hotel seems small. The beach of Rongya Road in Shangri-Laden is very small. Although Gaya Island Resort has two private beaches, the area is not large. The sand is very fine. It seems that this place is not famous for the beach. It's famous for the sea water. The sea water is clear and the bottom can be seen by accident. It's wonderful! The service of the hotel is five-star. Even on the way through the garden, the staff will stop their work and greet you with a smile. The only drawback is the restaurant service, there is a seafood restaurant, refuse children under 16 years old, so we can only choose the restaurant on the first floor this time, I want to say is the serving time, really very long, the restaurant service starts at 7 p.m., we order at 7 p.m., waiting for the food has passed 8 o'clock, hungry fast down. Hotel consumption is on the high side, thankfully ordered a full package of meals, a person only 2 nights 1800; Spa, three meals, boat tickets and so on, very cost-effective, Ctrip alone booking rooms also need 1500; only Taobao set meals, a treasure of the dive to the Pacific this, to help here.


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