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'이숙동고거' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 5월 26일



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작성일: 2017년 8월 9일
In 1880, Li Shutong was born in a salt merchant's family in Tianjin, and his family was rich. Li Shutong was extremely intelligent from an early age. He read poetry and books, studied calligraphy, painting, music, poetry and fu. In 1901, he joined Nanyang Engineering School, studied under Cai Yuanpei, and went to Japan to study in 1905. During that time, he founded a drama troupe and became one of the founders of Chinese drama. During this period, he made great achievements in both art and music. In 1915, he joined Xileng Printing Agency. In 1916, Li Shutong went on a hunger strike for 17 days in Huruoquan, Hangzhou. He became a vegetarian. In 1918, he finally joined Dinghui Temple in Huruoquan, Hangzhou. He became a monk by shaving his family name, performing his name and pronouncing Hongyi. Then Master Hongyi began to study Buddhism. In the next few decades, from Hangzhou to Xiamen and then to Quanzhou, Master Hongyi became a master of teaching, calligraphy and music creation. In October 1942, Yuanjing was 62 years old in Quanzhou. Li Shutong was born in the Tibetan Hutong of Hebei District. Now he has been demolished. The Tianjin Municipal Government built a memorial hall for him near his former residence by the Haihe River. The gate is on the quiet coastal road. There is a small parking lot with free tickets. After entering a small garden, it was a two-way courtyard. Each room had a brief introduction of Li Shutong's life, photographs and his calligraphy and painting works. There was also a room in which his music audition room was arranged. Some rooms were beautifully and vividly according to the layout of his year. I went to the quiet music audition room alone, sat on the comfortable sofa, put on a master's CD, put on headphones, and the soothing music sounded slowly, like a warm current, straight into the ear, from the brain to the whole body, to limbs and bones. A sunset sprinkled into the window, shone on my face, closed my eyes, feeling that this is the Master's warm hands touching my face and forehead, a hot tear, involuntarily flowing through my cheek [Master's warning] self-repair, to clear the heart. In dealing with the world, caution is the first step. Discipline oneself, should bring autumn. In life, spring breeze must be brought. Mind skill, with light and honesty as the first. Appearance, to be the first elder. Speech, with simplicity and truthfulness as the first. If you don't respect yourself, humiliate yourself. He who does not fear himself will bring misfortune. Evil is no greater than self-indulgence. No misfortune is greater than the misfortune of the speaker; the gentleman who gives it loses his virtue, and the villain who gives it kills me.
작성일: 2015년 10월 4일
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