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'돔 페드로 5세 극장' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 7월 6일

After seeing so many Portuguese-style buildings, I really feel that the colour of Gangding Theatre is the most beautiful! Gangding Theatre is recognized as China's first Western-style theatre and world cultural heritage, and its architecture is a neoclassical Greek revival style. On the first floor, there are people sitting around and discussing. On the second floor, the small theatre is magnificent and magnificent. As soon as we approach the sound inside the door, we begin to sing. The sound effect is absolute!!! The security guards in the theatre are friendly. The yellow building opposite the Gangding Theatre is St. Austin Church, which is under repair and is not open.

돔 페드로 5세 극장
돔 페드로 5세 극장
돔 페드로 5세 극장
돔 페드로 5세 극장
돔 페드로 5세 극장

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