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'디스커버리 어린이 박물관' 리뷰

Selena Mo

작성일: 2016년 9월 8일

The Discovery Children's Musuem in Las Vegas is probably the best museum out of all the kids museums I've ever taken my child! This place is amazing. With three floors of interactive exhibits, you can most definitely spend all day here! We were lucky enough to come (coincidentally) on a day where they offered Bank of America card holders free admission. Children over the age of one have to pay admission ($15) which is totally worth it for the amount of things they will get to experience. I came with kids ranging from 2-15, and each one of them had so much fun! Honestly, I had fun too! The coolest exhibit for me was "The Summit" which is a three story interactive science structure that features sliding and climbing structures. My toddler really enjoyed the arts and crafts center, where they had all the supplies needed to create any artistic masterpiece! This place is great because it's entertaining for the whole family and your kids will learn while having fun too!

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