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작성일: 2018년 3월 15일

Time was not enough, and a little tired, unable to walk, so I wandered around for an hour or so and went to the next scenic spot. Boarding the tower, overlooking Yangzhou, the scenery is good, but the ticket for 20 feels a little expensive. After climbing the tower, it hit three bells, Buddha Bao Ping'an! The first time I ate vegetarian food, maybe hungry also has something to do with it. Twenty-one bowls of noodles, eat very satisfied!


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작성일: 2015년 9월 23일
The first time I traveled to Yangzhou alone, I got out of the railway station by 26 buses and got off at He Yuan Station. As a result, the station was a huge pit. The stop sign was in a place where I could not see any garden at all. The autumn mist was cloudy in the morning, and nobody was there. There was a bridge on the canal in front of me. I didn't know where to go. At this time, another bus came to a stop and the bus came down three times. Old aunt dancing in square dancing, really, at that moment, like the Red Army's Long March of 20,000 miles, finally saw the big army's footsteps, I am excited, really, for the first time I want to give a compliment to square dancing!!! This early morning, people are sleeping, on the lonely street, only the square dancer aunt like a voluntary guard team.. Er, it seems to be a long way off, so why, I rushed over and tried to pull out a harmless little white rabbit smile to ask for directions. As a result, the old aunts were really very enthusiastic. Three old aunts showed me the way in Yangzhou dialect, turning right and left together.... Later, with my aunt pointing out the direction of Jiangshan's arm, I unexpectedly went to Daming Temple again. My heart is crumbling, but fortunately, there is a sightseeing bus that goes directly to the garden He Yuan at the gate of Daming Temple. I finally succeeded in finding my destination ______________ Butterflies 985 and 211 basin friends, it's me, oh, what, I'm making a mark, so that men can see my literary talent.
작성일: 2017년 4월 26일
Daming Temple is famous at home and abroad, its long history is an important reason, but the more important reason is that there was a great virtuous monk here, he is the Jianzhen monk of the Tang Dynasty. Jianzhen monk once preached laws and precepts in Daming Temple, which is well-known and respected by monks and customs. He has high prestige and enjoys the reputation of "Changjiang Huaihua Master". In order to promote Buddhism and promote Buddhism in the East, he accepted the invitation of Japanese monks and happily led the monks to Fusang. Master Dongdu Hongfa is righteous. At that time, his disciples hesitated because of the long road "the sea is vast, there is no one to". Jianzhen, however, resolutely and resolutely - "If it's a legal matter, how much do you spare your life? If you don't go, I'll go to your ears." I can see his profound insight and strong determination. Master Jianzhen, fearless of hardship and danger, failed five times to cross the east, but never lost heart and never flinched. He finally arrived in Japan at the age of 66 with blindness in Tianbao for twelve years (753) to realize his long-cherished wish. His indomitable strong will makes future generations admire and admire him immensely. In Japan, Jianzhen spread Buddhist precepts, built temples and statues, widely taught painting and calligraphy skills, promoted medicine and diet, and promoted the culture of the Tang Dynasty, which was regarded as "cultural benefactor" by the Japanese people. Master Jianzhen is a glorious model of spreading religion and law, and a friendly envoy of the Chinese people. He is a rare outstanding figure in the history of Chinese Buddhism, and also the greatest glory and pride of Daming Temple.
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