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'다츠옌 풍경구' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 2월 10일

First, the admission fee is worth it! Second, ropeway money is also worth it! The layout of the scenic spots is reasonable, and the splendid scenic spots along the way are evenly distributed. The hanging temple is particularly prominent. It can stand the word hanging. Most stairs are built with steep steps. It gives people a feeling of towering. It is simple and elegant, with fewer allusions and few cultural backgrounds. There is still room for development, suitable for self-driving tours, tourist buses are not very convenient, there are many surrounding attractions, rich cultural heritage of ancient villages, experience the simple life atmosphere of rural areas in Jiangnan. Great place. Worth

다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구

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