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'다츠옌 풍경구' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 2월 20일

At the beginning of the fourth year, I went to play in spite of the misty rain and smoke, and watched the immortal atmosphere around the mountain. It was a bit cloudy and foggy. I spent four and a half hours traveling all the way up the hill and down the hill on foot. I didn't feel tired during the whole journey. It was very suitable for the whole family to travel. The hanging temple was a little overhanging. The cowards did not go up. The layout of the scenic spot was reasonable and I didn't go back all the way. At the end, it was the sliding track, which was It's 260 meters long and 22 seconds long to slide down to the foot of the mountain. It's not recommended to experience the fear of heights and lighter weights for the elderly. The courageous young lads and girls can experience the speed experience.

다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구
다츠옌 풍경구

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