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작성일: 2017년 6월 3일

Star Bay Bridge was opened at the end of October 2015. It took four years to complete the opening of the bridge in Dalian. To a certain extent, it eased the congestion of Zhongshan Road and May 1 Road. More importantly, it added a landscape to this coastal city. The cross-sea bridge spans Huangpu Road and connects Xuezi Street and Qixian East Road. The upper and lower floors are one-way four lanes, with a total length of about 6 kilometers. It offers a panoramic view of the whole Xinghai Bay and Xinghai Square, and provides a brand-new angle for visitors to appreciate Dalian. If you want to appreciate the sea-crossing bridge, there are basically two kinds: driving and walking. But the bridge is not allowed to drive too slowly. If you drive, you can only watch the flowers on horseback, but you can not appreciate them carefully and have no chance to take photos. So it is suggested that you should go hiking. On the bridge, the East can climb the bridge from Lianhuashan Tunnel and Fujiazhuang, while the west can only take Qixian East Road. The two sides of the bridge are more than 1 meter wide pedestrian roads, overlooking the whole Xinghai Square on the North side, and facing the sea on the South side. The scenery is different, and tourists need to choose. It's a good choice to watch the sunrise and sunset on the bridge in the morning and evening. In the morning, the sea fog is hazy and the morning light is dim. It's really a good thing to watch the red sun rising slowly from the sea level. With such beautiful scenery, we begin our day's journey. In the evening sunset, although the sun can not be seen to set back to sea level, but sunset west mountain, seagulls take off, so beautiful scenery, in this noisy city is also rare.


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