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'총태공원' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 5월 26일



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관련 리뷰

작성일: 2015년 10월 3일
A pass is five yuan. Turn to Congtai and Qixian Temple of King Wuling of Zhao. Congtai has been repaired many times, and there is a small pavilion on it, called Yisheng Pavilion. Its name is very straight, implying that those who occupy the pavilion will win the flag. At the beginning, Qixian Temple thought it was Bamboo Forest Qixian, thinking that the park was a hodgepodge. Looking in, they are the Seven Sages of Zhao State. Tu'an Jia killed Zhao Shuo's family, and his left abdomen was saved by Cheng Ying and Gongsun Zhujiu by exchanging civet cat for Prince and bitter meat. Gongsun Zhujiu voluntarily sacrificed his life. Cheng Ying committed suicide to accompany his grandfather and grandson Chuanjiu when he revenged his deceased son and rewarded him for meritorious deeds. Zhao Luxu's heroic abilities ranged from the bottom tax collectors to the well-organized tax administrators in charge of the whole country to the United army's meritorious service. He was honest and unequal, resisted Qin Dynasty and Yan Dynasty, and had great achievements in war. Zhao Kuo replaced him with the defeat of Changping, Guo Kai tricked Xiaoshi, and Zhao nearly perished. Li Mu, the monarch's life has not been accepted, was secretly arrested and killed, after March Zhao died. Inside the ancestral hall is the evolution of Zhao's family history. After Hu Fu's riding and shooting, Zhao Guo became stronger and stronger. Zhao Yong wanted both sons to inherit their own business. As a result, Zhao Zhang, the eldest son, took his own life and the balance of the Warring States began to change subtly. By the way, there are contemporary paintings in the ancestral hall of Hufu riding and shooting, at first glance, good, but when the soldiers galloped on the stirrup, and history may have some access. When the park enters, there is a large amount of information about marriageable men and women hanging under the tree. It's interesting to ask for it on demand. In short, Congtai is worth visiting.
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