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'클라우드 게이트' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 2월 3일

The famous Cloud Gate (CLOUD GATE) of Millennium Park is also called Bean (BEAN). The large oval, smooth appearance reflects the exterior high-rise buildings on the surface. The sculpture is more than 10 meters high, more than 20 meters long, nearly 13 meters wide and weighs about 110 tons. Cloud Gate is made of polished stainless steel without any decoration. It looks like a drop of mercury from a distance. It reflects various images at different times and from different angles throughout the year, which adds poetry to the city. There is a skating rink on the side of the road. Snowflakes were flying. A girl in a skirt was spinning on the ice. With jazz, passers-by and tourists hum and sway, and it's freezing, but it's vibrant. Under the beans, there are many tourists, looking at their distorted figure. This unique creative design makes the original monotonous appearance of beans, ever-changing, cold exclamation. Designer Anish Kapoor calls it "the gate to Chicago, which maps a poetic city. " On one side of the park, there are rectangular light boxes made up of LED lights, which are the faces of girls and women and blink their eyes. There's also a white head and three black heads. We visited Cloud Gate twice in three days in Chicago.

클라우드 게이트
클라우드 게이트
클라우드 게이트
클라우드 게이트
클라우드 게이트

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