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'꽃의 도시' 리뷰

Sonnenlicht 521

작성일: 2017년 8월 4일

The project is located in Jinwa Road, Panlong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. It is located at the throat of Changshui Airport, Kunming. The double guarantee of subway high-speed is a fast and efficient strategic support for the airport. The total area of Yunnan Yimei Industrial Group is nearly 68823.79, which took three years to plan. Under the background of the second boom of Yunnan's tourism industry, we should seize the opportunities brought by Changshui International Airport, integrate Yunnan's national culture, flower culture, tourism industry and modern commercial development, upgrade and integrate the tourism industry, and perfect the combination of six elements of food, housing, travel, shopping and entertainment. Flower Theme Hotel Complex. On the basis of strengthening the original elements such as scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls and conference services, Huazhi City further excavates cultural connotations, increases the main consumption formats such as cultural entertainment and life experience projects, and constructs the four major cultures of Huazhi City: flower culture, gourmet culture, music culture and literary creation culture, which become the theme of Kunming's life experience and represents Kunming's local culture. Eye landmark project.

꽃의 도시
꽃의 도시
꽃의 도시
꽃의 도시
꽃의 도시
꽃의 도시

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