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'츠산 관광단지' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 5월 9일

May Day's high speed is still amazing, beyond the original plan of time, the mood of that irritable ah! When the sea breeze blows in the scenic area, I feel relaxed and happy immediately. The mountains are surrounded by green trees and the safflower matches each other. It is indeed a good tourist resort. Before many people decide to buy tickets to visit the scenic spots, there happens to be a battery car I like to ride, because it saves energy and time, but also has a feeling of running in nature! There are many scenic spots, mostly Buddhist halls and gods. There are also folk art exhibitions and high-tech fountain performances. Generally speaking, they are good. I heard that the fishery in Shidao is well developed, so after visiting the scenic spots, the seafood did not disappoint me. There are many kinds of seafood, and the taste is delicious! _________

츠산 관광단지
츠산 관광단지
츠산 관광단지
츠산 관광단지

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