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'츠산 관광단지' 리뷰

Job 张

작성일: 2018년 4월 25일

The weather is getting warmer, so I plan to take the old people and children for an outing on the weekend. My friend recommended Chishan Scenic Spot in Weihai. Start early in the morning and leave Weiqing Expressway for more than three hours. After entering the scenic spot, there are sightseeing bottle cars to sit on. It is very suitable for the elderly to play. There are many temples in the scenic spot. Believed friends can come to pray. Chishan Mingshen and Guanyin fountain are more spectacular and worth recommending. It is very economical to eat vegetarian esophagus in Zizhulin forest at noon. The whole scenic spot can go home after half a day of sightseeing. 。

츠산 관광단지
츠산 관광단지
츠산 관광단지
츠산 관광단지
츠산 관광단지
츠산 관광단지

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