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'천지연 폭포' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 2월 13일

The three scenic spots of Taidi Pavilion, Belief Pavilion and Tiandiyuan in Xiguipu are next door neighbors'locations. The three scenic spots can be visited together. Tiandiyuan adult fare is 2500 won/person, the landmark stone statue of Grandpa of Jeju Island at the entrance, and at first glance, the entrance looks like a park. It's still quite big inside. There are many TV dramas on the steps of the viewing Pavilion - amp; the posters of the stars are supposed to be a popular shooting spot. Xianlin Bridge looks magnificent. It should be a river below. But when we went there, there was only stone without water. I suspect that the river gate was closed, but it's really a high bridge. Looking down, I feel a little dizzy. Walking in is Tiandiyuan Falls, in fact, quite a small waterfall, my husband said that it is completely incomparable with Huangguoshu Falls, but for me, the water is so green and clear that I met a Korean Oba on the viewing platform and asked him to take a picture for us. Korean Oba is very kind, Haha! During the journey, I saw all the Koreans.

천지연 폭포
천지연 폭포
천지연 폭포
천지연 폭포
천지연 폭포
천지연 폭포
천지연 폭포
천지연 폭포

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