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작성일: 2020년 6월 3일



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작성일: 2017년 10월 27일
Yongling is a tomb built by the emperor of the former Shu Kaiguo during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. It is the only emperor's mausoleum that has been formally developed in China. This is the gate of Yongling Heritage Reserve. The ticket is 20 yuan. There are also discounts for students and the elderly. The main entrance is on Yongling Road, with convenient transportation. Many buses can go directly. The whole Yongling Tomb is divided into two parts: the underground palace and the museum. Only one-way tours from the palace to the museum can be carried out. After visiting the underground palace into the museum area, it can not return to the underground palace. The Shinto before Yongling is lined with sculptures of officials, military officers and some animals. But it seems that it has been repaired in some ways. Yongling was once stolen and damaged seriously. There are many underground rivers in Sichuan, so Yongling was not built deep underground, but a hemispherical underground palace. In fact, I think the layout of Yongling and Museum is not very reasonable. Just entering the gate is the Yongling Underground Palace, but the layman like the author can't really see why, and needs professional explanation. The introduction of the underground palace is in the museum after Yongling. After reading the doorway, I want to go to the underground palace again. But I was told that the door of the underground palace of Yongling can't go back from this door. If I want to see the underground palace of Yongling again, I have to buy another ticket. Here, the author briefly introduces Yongling. See Figure 6 for details. It is a half-section model of Yongling in the museum. Yongling is divided into three rooms: front, middle and rear, which is not really big, and is at most 30 meters long. This picture was taken in the front room. There were doors separated from each other, but the original wooden doors were rotten and now we can see imitations. This is taken in the back room. The black coffin bed in the middle is the coffin bed for Wang Jian's coffin. It was originally a three-layer wooden structure, but it was badly damaged. Now only the stone remains at the bottom are left. At the bottom of the coffin bed there are 12 Rex stone carvings, because there is glass around it, so the probe can be seen. This is the stone sculpture of Wang Jian sitting in the back room. It's genuine! There are also some so-called Dharma objects in front of the stone carvings. The section of Yongling in the museum can clearly distinguish the front room, the middle room and the back room. The coffin is stored in the middle room, and there is a stone statue of Wang Jian sitting in the back room. The bottom of the coffin bed is covered with 12 Rex sculptures. There are 14 arches on the top of the underground palace, which plays a stabilizing role. Yongling has been standing for more than 1100 years, which is indeed a miracle. Many valuable authentic works in Yongling Museum are preserved in Sichuan Museum. In Yongling Museum, only some relatively low-level cultural relics can be seen. This is the bronze pavement on the door that separates the tomb. The precious cultural relics unearthed in Yongling include jade belts and treasures. The jade belt is a complete jade belt, not a fragment. There are seven square pieces of jade and one long piece of jade on the leather. It has been confirmed that it was worn by Wang Jiansheng before he was born. Jibao said that popular, that is, the jade seals built for Wang in the underworld. Now they are all preserved in Sichuan Museum. Fortunately, the Sichuan Museum is not far from Yongling. It is interesting to take a detour to see their elegance.
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