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'청두 판다 번식연구기지' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 3일



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작성일: 2017년 9월 29일
It's very convenient to book tickets with Ctrip. You can collect tickets by yourself at the entrance of your ID card! _________ Because it's convenient to take five-year-old children with you. My hotel is in Taurus District, about 27 yuan! Go early, because you won't be allowed in at 16 p.m. You can buy a 10 yuan sightseeing bus at the scenic spot service station to get to the end, and then slowly walk down next to the panda! It was lunch break when we went. Basically, pandas took a nap! But it's very dull! The air is very good. Peacocks can be seen everywhere. There are also two large black butterflies. There are two black swans in Swan Lake! Very elegant! If you come back, you can buy the ticket for the bus in the downtown area at the gate service office. It's 8 yuan per person! You can go to Jinli, Chunxi Road, wide and narrow lanes and other scenic spots in Chengdu city! Because of physical weakness, Rose Garden did not go to see! There are butterflies in the museum at the entrance. Suggestion: Don't buy panda dolls and other toys inside! It's expensive!! I bought more than 300 panda-sized male and female dolls and bought up to 150 outside the scenic area! You can buy it at the entrance of the back bus. There are many mobile vendors peddling! The price is half of the scenic spot! Those with children (preferably a baby cart) and the elderly (bread, cake, etc.) are the best to buy enough food! It takes about 3 - 4 hours to see the scenic spot carefully. Drinking water is very convenient! Panda Apartment has automatic water catcher and farmer spring water vending machine! The key is mosquitoes ah ah ah ah ah ah wipe!!! I was bitten five bags, but I didn't bite my girl! All in all, it's a worthwhile trip! My daughter and I were very happy to see the dull panda!
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