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작성일: 2016년 4월 23일

The Recommendation Index of "Changqing Palace" - "4 Xingchangqing Palace, formerly called Shoukang Palace, was first built by Shizong to provide for the elderly by his father, and later developed into another palace. Because it is not the main palace, it is relatively large in size than Jingfu Palace and Changde Palace. Everyone knows that Korea was also bullied by the Japanese Emperor in that year. Historic sites were basically destroyed to varying degrees, and Changqing Palace was no exception. Today we see the Changqing Palace, which was restored by the contemporary government in 1984, is not entirely the original appearance. From CAF, it is easy to see the traces of the ancient palace after crossing the road. Walk along the outside wall with wooden tiles as roof, and the main door of Changqing Palace is not far away. Here, we generally say that the five major palaces in Seoul include Jingfu, Changde, Changqing, Deshou and Qingxi Palaces. An ancient temple is the Zong Temple. Among the five palaces, besides the Qingxi Palace, tickets are charged. Jingfu and Changde are 3,000 won, and Changqing and Deshou are 1,000 won. There is something special about Changde Palace. Changde Palace is divided into two parts: the main palace group and the secret garden. The main palace group is the above 3000 won ticket. The secret garden ticket should be bought separately, Shenghui 5000 won. In addition, the entrance tickets to Zongmiao are 1000 won. These scenic spots add up to 14,000 won, equivalent to about 84 yuan. 84 yuan can see the four palaces (Jiami Garden) and an ancient temple. It's a good deal, but the Korean government has also set up a joint ticket, 10,000 won (about 60 yuan), which can be used in one month. After entering from the main entrance, the most eye-catching thing is the stepped stone. Different grades are symmetrically distributed on both sides of the main road. The closer to the main hall of the monarch, the higher the grade. It's really interesting to make up for the situation that ministers go to court every day by themselves. The most distinctive feature of Changqing Palace should be the backyard behind its main palace group. There is a lake in the backyard. The lake is not very large and the scenery is not particularly beautiful, but it may give people a feeling of calm and peaceful because of the few visitors. Go straight inside, the backyard is almost covered by trees, and there is a white greenhouse at the end. The greenhouse is not big. It feels much warmer when you walk in from the cool outdoors in early autumn. After a circle around the backyard, he went to the border area between Changqing and Changde. There was only one wall between the two palaces.


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