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'창덕궁' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 3일

主要都是沙子。我們去的時候起風了,然後一陣風吹來。眼睛都睜不開 然後衣服上都有沙子 這是個很憂傷的故事 但是環境很不錯,還有穿韓服的妹子!


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관련 리뷰

작성일: 2016년 3월 5일
Seoul has five ancient palaces, the most famous of which is "Jingfu Palace", the largest and most tourists. We chose the only one of the five palaces to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Changde Palace" because "this is the only ancient palace in Korea that has not been destroyed and has always maintained its original appearance; secondly, there are fewer tourists and it is clean. In order to protect this precious heritage, Changde Palace was once forbidden to visit. However, since 2010, the scenic spots besides the Secret Garden have been opened to the outside world (the Secret Garden must be visited within the prescribed time, accompanied by tour guides). Many people on the Internet disdain Korea's ancient palace. I don't think that because Chinese culture is broad and profound, we can despise the cultural heritage of other countries. Although there is no magnificent atmosphere of the Forbidden City, many architectural elements are influenced by Chinese culture, but the Korean Palace has its own small jasper temperament, simple refinement, ingenuity in detail. Although there are obvious traces of ancient Chinese architecture, it is not difficult to find out why the unique "Han flavor" elements of the Changde Palace can become a world cultural heritage. I think it is not unrelated to the perfect integration of its architecture and the surrounding natural environment. Behind the Changde Palace, there is a huge backyard, Secret Garden, built on the hill and integrated with the natural environment. It is the essence of the whole palace. It is also a rare classic of the Royal Garden of the Korean Dynasty. Chinese explanations are given once a day at 12 : 00-13:40 noon. Online booking in advance and on-site ticket purchase are required. No more than 100 people per game. It is precious to limit the number of visitors in order to protect the precious cultural heritage.
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