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'창춘영화성' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 2일



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작성일: 2016년 6월 9일
There must be a plan for visiting. There are many scenic spots in the park, but there must be three scenic spots which can only be played once. Flying in China, experience the feeling of overlooking the scenery at a height of 13 meters, is also the main project of Phase II; Star Adventure, dynamic ball screen movies, very exciting cool, fast shuttle, indoor mini roller coaster, experience thrills and excitement, across the stars! __________ It is suggested that you go early and go straight to the three scenic spots, because these three restrictions are very severe, otherwise it is possible to queue for an hour or two. After playing these, you can go to 4-day movies in very laboratory, giant-screen movies in adventure games, water-screen panoramic movies in the Maze of Flying Dragon Building Space, and laser suspension movies in Elvish Kingdom, which are more suitable for children to see. It is also the four major cinemas featuring Changying. After that, if you have enough time, you can go to see volcanic eruptions, castles, etc. For Star Trek, you have a bad reputation, you can not go, and finally go to the exhibition of prop cars and other attractions! The scenic area is still very interesting, experience the high-tech film technology, time is abundant, it is recommended that one day according to such a trip, to ensure that you do not worthwhile trip, because it is not easy for everyone to go once, in-depth experience is always good! Hope to help you all! It's also my purpose!
작성일: 2018년 5월 4일
Today, Changying Century Town, which brings children, has few tourists, many scenic spots are not queued up, and the children are having a good time. Let me talk about some of the most impressive scenic spots for your reference. The types of scenic spots in the park are quite complete. Although most of them are movies, they all have their own characteristics. The first one is the Elf Kingdom, which is more suitable for children to see, laser movies, and without wearing stereoscopic glasses can see the three-dimensional effect, children feel particularly magical, and very happy to see. The second project is a very laboratory. It's very beautiful. It's suitable for all ages. Especially when the mice come out, they really feel like they are flying towards me. The children feel very funny and their voices are hoarse. Some projects require children's height, so there are two projects children can't see, so an adult took the children to the prop car exhibition hall, and I went to play fast shuttle. My child is a boy, especially like cars, to the props car show with a joyful, not enough to see, stayed 40 minutes... Car by car, because there are no tourists in the venue, the staff is very patient to introduce to us, what are the names of the cars, what films have been taken, the service is very good, the key is not bored. Quick shuttle is very good and exciting. It's all black inside. When the car rises, it can't see anything. It can't see anything outdoors. So my heart mentions my voice, but good time is not long. Milky Way Palace personally feels it is necessary to take the children to see, this is about how to dub the film, props and lines dubbing, very interesting; did not expect that the sound in the film was actually simulated with such simple and commonly used things, but also tried it personally, very interesting; when the children left the stage to test, very happy, echo wall is also very good. Meaning. Personally, I feel that the best experience is the soaring of China, the flickering of the seat for a moment, haha, but the overall effect is really good. The effect of the film and the range of the seat movement coincide. It is like sitting on a helicopter overlooking the beautiful scenery. The experience is very real. The feeling of grassland being blown by the helicopter, the feeling of the plane dive down the waterfall, the feeling of interaction between the sea and fish. Feel... This project left me the most impressive, I suggest you must see this when you come to play, it's really very good, it's very worth it! __________ Because the children are tired of playing, some of the projects are not seen, but the individual feels that it is already worth it, and there is no need to travel so tired, must have read all, leave a little mystery, until the child is older, then bring him.
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