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'헤이룽탄 공원' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 7일



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작성일: 2017년 4월 4일
Tickets are 20 yuan and online 15 yuan. The park has a large area and not many tourists. It's good to have some leisure. In March, it's the Rhododendron Festival. The Rhododendron Valley is full of mountains and flowers. It's very beautiful. Heilongtan is a famous Taoist resort, which is divided into upper and lower views and evolved from the Black Water Temple in the Han Dynasty. Shangguan was built in the Tang and Song Dynasties, it was called Longquan Guan, and Xiguan was built in the Ming Dynasty, commonly known as the Black Water Palace. There are Longquan Mountain in Heilongtan. There are two pools of water at the foot of the mountain. They are clear and turbid, covering an area of 600 square meters. They are interconnected but muddy and muddy, which is a wonder. Like the Daoist Yin and Yang half of Taijitu . The two springs meet each other, but the fish in the two springs do not cross the pool, forming the wonder of the two waters intersect, and the fish do not come and go. Heilongtan is known as the First Ancient Temple in Central Yunnan. At the same time, it is also famous for Tangmei, Songbai, Yuanshan and Mingcha (planted in Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty). Longquan Mountain has a tour around the mountain to the wind tower, which is 13 meters high and is a solid tower with seven stories and octagonal eaves. Dingfeng Pagoda is also known as Wenbi Pagoda. Dingfeng Pagoda was built in the Ming Dynasty, and was rebuilt in the second year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty (1852). The Seven-level pagoda is built of dolomite with fine sculpture, dignified sculpture and carved with the names of four Taoist gods. It is also inscribed with the Records of Restoring the Five Laoshan Dingfeng Pagoda and the Taoist Yuhuang Xin Yinmiao Sutra. According to the inscription of the restored monument, the restored monument is to make Longquan Temple more spectacular, cultivate the wind in the famous mountain meaning the Fengshui Tower of Longquan Temple. In 1993, the wind-fixing tower was rebuilt.
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