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'바욘 사원' 리뷰


작성일: 2019년 8월 5일

정말 온화한 미소가 이쁜 불상들이 있는 사원이다. 평화로워 보이는 불상은 나를 하여금 마음이 진정되고 릴렉스한 기분을 느낄 수 있었다.

바욘 사원
바욘 사원
바욘 사원
바욘 사원
바욘 사원

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작성일: 2018년 5월 4일
If time is tight, every temple in Angkor Wat is not necessarily to go, but the Barong temple is to go. TIPS - "1, because the Barong temple is east-facing, so the best time to take a positive picture of the Bayang temple is in the morning; 2, it is suggested to go early and take good pictures, we arrived at more than 8 o'clock, there are already many tour groups. 3. If time permits, you should go to the Barong Temple again at dusk, when there are quite a few people. Under the golden light of the sunset, the soft light is also suitable for taking pictures. To Barong Temple, the most important thing must be to see the four-sided Buddha, and Cambodia is known as "Khmer's smile" mainly because of the four-sided Buddha. There are 49 pagodas in Barong Temple, all of which are giant statues of four-sided Buddhas. The statues are typical of the faces of Khmer people. It is said that they are the faces of King Rongye Bamao VII, the God who built Barong Temple. Forty-nine pagodas, together with five pagoda-like gates, represented 54 provinces under the control of the then prosperous Angkor dynasty. Looking from afar, it is already very spectacular. The Buddha has a peaceful smile on his face. This is the "Khmer smile" that makes Angkor Wat famous in the world. Some people say that this is the seventh King of Voyaba, who left his own smile on 49 stones, each with four smiles, nearly 200 faces. If Mona Lisa is the most beautiful woman's smile, then the smile of Royal Yabama VII in Barong Temple should be the most beautiful male's smile. Hundreds of years after Hinduism ruled Angkor, the greatest monarch in Angkor's history, Poyama VII, suddenly converted to Buddhism and carved smiling Buddhas everywhere in Bayan Temple, as if foreseeing the future of this land, his people will suffer a variety of hardships and comfort the people with a smile.
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